Trip to Dallas, Grassy Knoll

Being in Dallas, I looked for JFK assassination site, tired of being at the hotel after work. I was able to find it using the technology in my hands. At first, I thought I was lost, I knew I was close, looking down at GPS on Android and driving trying to not be confused on where GPS was taking me. As I looked up to find the location, I noticed people posing for pictures on the street and others, in a sense, investigating this area. I then realized this had to be the site and my thoughts were RIGHT!, I myself wanted to investigate. I parked next to the building where the famous rifle shot was taken from, turned into a museum on  sixth floor and souvernier shop on first floor. This was after 6pm, so the museum and souvernir shop were closed, bummer. I walked to the site that I have seen on TV so many years. I couldn’t help, but notice the building where Lee Harvey shot the magic bullet from was not that far away. Notice the X on the road, marks exact location where JFK was shot. (Multiple shots point of debate”). I took an amazing shot of the famous ”Grassy Knoll”. (NO PHOTOSHOP AT ALL”). Grassy Knoll is where cops were running to the day of the assassination because there may have been another shot coming from that location. The area that has confused the world forever. Looking over towards the Grassy Knoll, you can see in the photograph there is a sense of mystery that I felt strong in me, as I looked at it wanting to find out what was over the hill and fence passed those trees. We may never know who was back there that may have changed the world.




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